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    The next time you’re craving Mongolian beef or sesame chicken, be sure to stop by Dragon Valley in Napa, CA.
    We’ll treat you to deliciously authentic Asian cuisine that transports your taste-buds across the world to a place where culinary delights abound.
    Our restaurant relies on fresh ingredients and traditional recipes to bring customers back again and again. We know you’ll fall in love with our flavors, so come to our Chinese restaurant for a meal today.
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Our Services

Chinese restaurant
Chinese Food

If you love Chinese food, then you'll be thrilled with our traditional dishes. From kung pao chicken to chow fun, we have the dishes you know and others you’ll learn to love. Join us for authentic Chinese cuisine today.

Takeout chinese
Chinese Take Out

We understand the importance of convenience for our customers. That’s why we offer you fast and affordable Chinese take out. Pick up your Asian food order on your commute home.

Catering Services

Make your next special event a success with our professional catering services. Our experienced caterer helps you determine how much food you'll need and how to best prepare for your event.

Family Restaurant

Dragon Valley maintains its reputation as a family restaurant thanks to our casual atmosphere, generous portions, and vegan options. There’s something for everyone at our Asian restaurant!



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Wide selection of dishes prepared using fresh ingredients... Delicious! My wife is gluten free and they will prepare any dish GF -- for takeout you need to call them. (Always call, because their online ordering system doesn't alert them that an order has been placed, so it can be awhile before they see it.) They don't use the best cuts of beef and I'm not a fan of their beef dishes, but chicken, pork and seafood are all excellent. Portions are generous. Lunch specials are a great value and include your choice of white or fried rice or Chow Mein noodles.

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Food is good, they need more people to work there

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Ive eaten here a few times since moving to Napa. Unless I want to really spring for Empress M which is very over priced, but top quality. Dragon Valley is my go-to. They offer vegan options. You can modify things to come without egg etc. We generally get vegetable mei fun, this time I would say it was at least 60%veg, 40% or less noodle. Good or bad depending on what you like. I was wanting a noodle dish tonight so a little disappointed. I tried their vegetable moo Shu and it was the 1st time it wasnt served with the pancakes. Not sure if it was a mistake or they dont do that. Also got the sweet & sour tofu which was very good. I picked up the food late so the pictures dont look as fresh but i will be back again.

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